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100 WOMEN DBA is a non-profit operating under 100 Men Hall seeking to levy the members collective privileges and blessings to address both the gender and racial biases that Black women have faced for generations. 

WHAT: The 100 WOMEN DBA college scholarship is awarded annually and provides a financial boost to two young women of color graduating from Hancock County high schools (Hancock High and Bay High School).

WHY: The African American community in Bay Saint Louis has contributed to the architecture, building, all industry, small business, art, food and music since its inception. Young women of color have historically been disproportionately shut out of generational wealth. The 100 WOMEN DBA scholarship targets young women of color who might not have access to full scholarships or family resources for their college education.

HOW: Students will be asked to fill out an application online and have a teacher or counselor write a letter of recommendation. The 100 WOMEN DBA's scholarship committee will evaluate each application based on a quantitative as well as qualitative basis. The winners will be announced during each school's end of year award ceremony. 

DONATE - the 100 WOMEN DBA has created a scholarship endowment fund to deliver two awards a year to two students. The 100 MEN HALL is a 501c3 nonprofit and any donation over $250 may be considered a tax deduction. 

If you would like to contribute to the fund, you may donate by check or online:

Mail a check made out and to 100 Men Hall, 303 Union Street, BSL, MS 39520 and write Scholarship in the FOR: line. 

DONATE to the 100 MEN HALL here and specify in an email to that your donation is for the Scholarship. 

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