100 Women DBA is a benevolent society and a program of the 100 Men Hall. The purpose of the society is to uplift in business a Mississippi Gulf Coast woman who has struggled to find mainstream support due to her minority status. 100 Women DBA will surround her with resources to help her succeed in business over a year’s period of time. 

The Hall is a 501c3 and will be able to secure scholarships, mentorship, and other grants as needed as well as harness the strong support of 100 women membership. By December 2019, when the Hall hosts the Hancock Chamber’s Women’s Roundtable our goal is to have 100 Women representing the 100 Men Hall. 

In sustaining the 100 Men Hall, the 100 WOMEN DBA is preserving a historic landmark and continuing its mission to support the community. By choosing to focus on women, the 100 WOMEN DBA reimagines the original 100 Men DBA that sought to help and heal a community through self-reliance and music. The 100 WOMEN DBA acknowledges that no progress could have been made without the daily actions of countless unheralded women who made magic happen. 

100 Women DBA dues are $30/month or $360/annually. The dues support the 100 Men Hall where operating costs for the Hall are $35,000 annually. Plus each member gets free entry into any Hall events. By supporting the Hall, the nonprofit will support the women in our community. 


) Doesn’t music support the Hall? No, each music event the Hall has hosted has broken even and without sponsorship it would be untenable.

2) Could men join? There is a 100 Men DBA society that could be resurrected for men and these men could be adjunct to the 100 WOMEN DBA organization. 

3) How often will the group meet? We will gather four times a year with a meal provided at the Hall. We will meet more often in smaller groups at the beginning of the year to decide selection protocol, interviewing, and vetting the requirements of the candidate. 

4) What happens after 2019? In 2020, our intention is to expand the program to more disadvantaged women to encourage entrepreneurship that contributes to a diverse and thriving Gulf coast business community.