BARRE at 100 Men Hall

The 100 Men Hall hosts a weekly Barre class taught by Mandie French on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 6PM to 7PM. 

Barre is a form of physical exercise conducted in group classes. It is distinguished from other group fitness activities by its incorporation of movements derived from ballet. The overarching results of Barre class can only be defined as #getchurbootyback. This class offers a full body workout to tone, strengthen core, define muscles, and hike your booty.

Mandie French introduced Barre to the Gulf Coast in September 2015 and has developed a wide following of well-toned devotees. Mandie brings a zesty attitude to fitness and enjoys seeing the results on her students’ toned arms, lifted seats, and strong cores. The workout is for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. 

Please bring your yoga mat and small weights, as these items will be available first come first serve. Parking is available at the 100 Men Hall.

Drop in - $15
Punch Pass - $60 (10 classes)
Unlimited Pass - $99

Cash, check or credit card accepted. You may pay at the door or here