x - Dolly Should After Party Karaoke

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Grab your platinum wig and head to the 100 Men Hall for the DOLLY SHOULD After Party featuring Dolly Parton Karaoke with DJ Carlos Estrella on Saturday, January 11, 2020 from 9PM to midnight.

Dolly Parton Should spend her birthday here in Bay St. Louis, where we celebrate the divinity of her high hair and her everyday philosophy for loving and living the shiniest of shiny lives. This midwinter Bay Saint Louis fest that brings out the Dolly in everyone just got even shinier!

Dolly Should come to the AFTER-PARTY at 100 Men Hall!

Follow a rousing DOLLY SHOULD Second Line led by the Bay Ratz Marching Battery from the look-alike contest over to the 100 Men Hall because it’s KARAOKE time with DJ Carlos Estrella!

Come join the fun on the historic stage of 100 Men Hall and do Dolly Parton proud with your karaoke pipes. Best performance wins a $20 bar tab, which will help any little sparrow drown her sorrows and brave the stage for an encore!

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