The Writing Room

Rachel Dangermond has hosted writers workshops in California and New Orleans for over two decades. The Writing Room in the 100 Men Hall provides a unique opportunity to write and hone your craft and to tell your stories. Rachel works with writers of all abilities to open the flow of their writing. Writers enjoy the time to write, writing in a historic landmark, being in community, and receiving immediate feedback on their craft.

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Rachel’s commitment to the craft and practice of writing is one of the most inspiring that I’ve yet seen. Her faith in the simple ingredients of the process help writers to rise above the roadblocks so easily put in our way, either by our own hands or the world at large. The space that Rachel can both create, and then hold open, for your creativity to find its breath is one of the most powerful gifts a fellow writer can offer to another. And she does so with a loving compassion that allows you to learn to do it for yourself moving forward. I’ve had the privilege to workshop with Rachel over several years, in different settings, and with a rotating cast of writers. She comes to everyone’s work with the keen eye of a professional writer/editor, and with the same thorough attention she would give to her own work. On and off the page she knows how to search out those concrete details that give a writer’s voice its unforgettable shape. She knows how to consider audience and thesis and pacing, without sacrificing the passion of the message. Beyond the workshop space Rachel is full of courage and curiosity, and is truly an example of letting your art and your life symbiotically galvanize each other for the wilderness we encounter everyday. Anyone would be lucky for the chance to share space and process with this fiercely talented writer and just all around incredible human.”
Amie Marvel, Ann Arbor, Michigan - BFA Poetry SFSU, freelance culture writer 

The tender fierce strength and intuitive guidance of author Rachel Dangermond both welcomes and engages the workshop writer, urging memoir to stir, dance, and fall upon the page. The most experienced author amongst us -or- the newly born writer just discovering their words will find a writing haven soothed by gulf breezes, in communion with the creative spirits who have called the iconic 100 Men Hall, home. 
Betsy Woods, New Orleans, LA - writer, teacher, editor, author of Twirling, Volume of Monk, Strong Moon Tonight, The Alfalfa and the Omega, Editor of The Children's Corner, The Louisville Review; Writing teacher, The Waldorf School New Orleans

Writing workshops with Rachel are insightful! She's a careful reader and listener, provides practical advice, gets quickly to the heart of the matter without being harsh, and helps the writer to find his or her own voice. She's also hilarious! I recommend them for any writer trying to build their craft or just get feedback on a project. 
Robert Cucinotta, Chicago, IL

Rachel and I have been writing together now for years. Her guidance has taught me so much and has helped me to grow both in my writing as well as my world views. I have been to many workshops that she has hosted and each time have received critical, positive, and motivating feedback from her and the other writers. She has the laudable skill of creating a safe environment for everyone in her workshops to feel that they can speak their mind in a way that is both kind, but also ultimately helps to guide the author in strengthening their writing. Several of the pieces that I have workshopped with Rachel have gone on to be published in various online journals. She has a gift for providing prompts that encourage and allow all of those words and feelings that have been zooming around inside your head to come tumbling out in a real, meaningful piece of writing. I have always walked away from our workshops feeling positive, uplifted, and eager to tackle my writing head on. Rachel is and has been an amazing guide, comrade, and fellow author in my ongoing journey to become a better writer. I truly cannot recommend her and her workshops enough. 
Leah Richards, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Writing with Rachel is permission for flight. It is the letting go near the open window. It is fuel for the pen. I’m not saying this as her friend but as a fellow-writer, an awed reader of her work, and as a recipient of her brilliant energy that puts you immediately at ease. I can’t imagine a more productive writing space than the one she offers.  
Susan Prevost, New Orleans, LA

Writing with Rachel enriched me. Her comments always challenged, but in a supportive way that encouraged me to continue. Reading her writing provoked new thinking.
Jerry Tassin, New Orleans, LA

Rachel is a natural writer and leader with incisive wit, vision and humor. I knew Rachel casually for years, but really got to know her after we both attended a writer's workshop. A group of us from that workshop wrote together regularly for two more years. Our gatherings were particularly valuable to me because of Rachel's insightful comments. She was positive and encouraging, intelligently pointing out successful elements and qualities in each of our pieces. Likewise, with trademark honesty and clarity, she tactfully offered suggestions for improvement. I look forward to the workshops she will lead there.
Linda Stone, New Orleans, LA

Rachel creates a space that inspires transformative writing. She gives and encourages helpful feedback that challenges and uplifts you as a writer.
Florentina Staigers, New Orleans, LA